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Tired of paying multiple IT guys to take care of your company data and all the expenses that go with it? On top of that being constantly at their mercy because you don't speak their language well let MKD come do a network assessment to thoroughly go through all of your systems and security and put your mind at ease.

We include a full report of all findings  good or bad with our recommendation on the industry standard solution to fix it and its completely impartial.

 MKD Consulting can complete individual IT projects for your company or manage your whole infrastructure with our industry leading software and our best in the industry technicians. 

Our goal is to make your job easier so you can focus on the area's of business that help you to grow. We don't hire fresh out of school to work on your mission critical systems all of our technicians are field tested by a senior engineer before they go into the field. Our technicians also have a diverse and complimentary set of skills so that we always have an expert on hand no matter what issue your company is facing. Using our industry leading remote monitoring and management software we are able to address most issues before they become a critical issue to your company.

We can run monthly reports showing the trends for your servers and desktops which helps us to foresee bottle necks or slowed production. We offer many different services when it comes to IT consulting and we also have multiple Managed services contracts to choose from.